English Summery of Spanish Radio Interview

English summery of Spanish radio program dated 01/25/2013

I have divided this translation according to the minutes of original running program.


0-3 minutes. introduction of the program by host of 1360 am Radio Luz Dr Nelson Ortiz,then he wishes a happy birth day to a listener of his program then introduces me(Dr Hafeez Rehman) from New York  and then I thanked him for inviting me to his program and introduced the host to the President of Miami Ahmadiyya Muslim community and told him that I have known President sahib for a long time and it was his invitation that brought me to Miami book fair.He was told that we belong to Ahmadiyya Muslim community and our US head quarter is located in Washington and locally our mosque is in Hallandale beach and I told our listeners that all are welcome at our mosque,it is open for all.

3-5 mins=we spoke about Holy Quran.Our sacred book revealed to Prophet Muhammad(saw) over the course of nearly 23 years.covered briefly about Topics covered in Holy Quran,also mentioned that Quran's original Arabic text is intact and safeguarded as promised by Allah Almighty.How Quran was revealed in small portions and how prophet Muhammad (saw) used to memorize it and then his companions used to memorize it and how it was subsequently written and thus preserved.He was also told that our community has translated the Holy Quran in over 70 languages and when we translate we do it in a way that original Arabic text is on one side and translation on the other side.

5-9 mins= The host spoke about cold weather in New York  and flu.He spoke about natural medicine and it's relation with traditional medical practice.Then we spoke again about Holy Quran and I told him that Holy is a universal and complete form of guidance for mankind.Quran mentions the teachings of previous books and their prophets and it covers all facets of human life.I told him that Prophet Muhammad(saw) presented the teachings of Holy Quran in practical form for us to see and follow.I also told him that as Muslim Doctor I always wished  that my patients remain healthy and when they become ill to get them better fast.
10-12=The host mentions that today we are learning about Quran and Islam and God wanted us to learn and share his teachings.I told him that Holy Quran teaches us how to connect to Allah almighty,how to gain his pleasure.Quran mentions the rights of women,orphans and elderly and weak among us.All types of worship are taught with goal to achieve the pleasure of Allah.

12-14=The host starts reading from one of our pamphlet about Islam.Islam is a religion of peace,it teaches us how to live in peace with our fellow human beings,peace with our creator and peace with our creator means that we completely submit our will to our God and this is what our God has taught our Beloved Prophet(pbuh) for him to show it to us.The Host says this is so beautiful and I thanked him.He said it is a religion of peace and love.
The host indicates that God send all guidance for mankind to develop peace and tolerance in this world but now a days there is so much disorder and bloodshed and animosity.I told him that the disorder in the society/world comes when people forget God Almighty .Then I  said that Ahmadi Muslims are different from the rest of muslims.we are the Muslims that believe in Masiah.All the major religions of the world are waiting for a reformer in one way or the other and we believe that reformer to be Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as).Under the direct guidance from God he was sent to unite the mankind under one banner with love and message of tolerance for all.He intended to present our beautiful religion in it's original purity like God wanted him to and like Prophet Muhammad presented.Today many are wrongly interpreting Islamic teachings and going back to the pure teachings of Muhammad(saw) is not possible without the divinely guided reformer and this is what we are trying to do today.This the point where we were pulled off the air by the owners of the channel and after a pause of many seconds the host received a call from the control room and he was told  not to talk about Islam and we carried the rest of 6 mins or so about medical issues,diet and role of natural medicine.At the end I thanked him for his invitation.

Hafeez Ur Rehman,MD