English Summery of live Interview

English  Summery of Live TV interview  aired on 05/29/2013 at 9:00 PM. This program ran on Spanish channel 41 . Program name, A Mano Limpia.

There were two guests, one was Jose Piñon (diplomatic assistant to the department of State) and Dr Hafeez Rehman, Representing Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

First question the host asks is about a recent news that Russia intends to send missile defense system (S-300) to Syria.The host asks me what I thought about that. I answered him that as Muslims who believe in promised Massiah,Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, we want to present the teaching of Islam in its purity. Our wish is to have a peaceful conclusion to this conflict and this should be done with a mutual dialogue of all involved parties  with  justice for all sides. If conflict continues to happen like this, then numerous innocent lives will be lost and damage to the property of the country will take place which is not a good outcome. I said that arms and talk of continuous war and threats will not bring peace.

The host pressed on saying that Syrian Government is killing innocent people and how we can justify this action. I told that I am not here to defend the Syrian Government's actions but to present the solution of this problem in the light of Islamic teachings which clearly do not support the rebellious behavior (irrespective of a just or unjust ruler) although it expects just behavior from the ruling party as well. It is the absence of these teachings that has led to the continuation of this conflict. Islam teaches us that when conflict breaks like this one and there is no way to control the situation inside a country then it is the duty of neighboring Islamic countries to get together and to try to end the conflict, but again keeping in view the founding principle of absolute justice. The problem is that all countries involved in this conflict (one way or the other) are looking out for their own interests and not looking to end the conflict. The other guest said that he agreed with me. 


The host asked me that Israel had threatened to attack if Russia sells that system to Syria.I said that In my opinion Israel should not get in to this as this might widen the conflict. The host said that the United States and EU has tried diplomatic negotiations to end the war but have failed. I told him that it is very possible that the government of Syria does not trust these brokers and the real solution might be to look for impartial countries to step in as brokers but ultimately it will be civil and honest dialogue with justice and equality for all parties that will have most potential of a peaceful solution. I said that only following  Islamic principle of absolute justice is the way to go and if we look into the Islamic history we find that every time this rule was applied it brought peaceful results. 


At the end I thanked the host for giving me the opportunity to speak on his program. The program lasted for nearly 18 mins.


Dr Hafeez Rehman