Mosque Re-opening Guidelines

  1. Wear a mask and bring a personal prayer rug. Refrain from handshaking, and maintain social distancing. Carpets should be marked 6' between worshippers.

  2. Capacity should not exceed local laws. Sadr Jamaat can reduce the size limit further if needed to maintain safe distances and prevent congregating.

  3. Limit the length of Juma prayer service to 20 minutes from start to finish.

  4. Do not gather and socialize after salat.

  5. Sanitize the mosque routinely and keep it well ventilated.

  6. Check your local Covid positivity rate daily. Close back down when positivity reaches 10% and above.

  7. Anyone with symptoms of illness, or who have underlying health issues, should pray at home. Women and children should pray at home at this time, too.

  8. Those above age 70 should pray at home. If they are vaccinated and have no chronic medical issues they can pray at the mosque provided these safety guidelines are being properly implemented.

  9. Departure from the guidelines will result in a re-closure.

  10. Essential services (eg. waqar e amal, khidmat e khalq, facility maintenance, etc) should continue under the supervision of the local Sadr Jamaat.

  11. All other routines will continue over technology, including amila meetings, general body meetings, and children's classes.

May Allah Almighty bless our steps and keep us healthy in body and spirit. Amin.

Secretary Umur e 'Amma United States